New Ad Importer plugin for Osclass

New Osclass Ad Importer plugin (version 2.0.0) ready for download.

How many users know, old Importer plugin 1.0.0 from Github didn't work well.

There were errors in his code, he did not work with new PHP versions.

And most importantly, he did not upload images, never!

We took it as a basis and fixed.

New  Osclass Ad importer plugin 2.0.0. version from osclass.market work fine!

It works with new  PHP versions and uploads images.

This is a free plugin.

You can download it here: https://osclass.market/item/ad-importer-841116




  • iddemir

    26 Jun, 2020

    Hello I want to buy a template in your website. But I live in Türkiye. Paypal is doesn't working in Türkiye. Do you have different payment systems and your support "Leave your message" system is not working. That form return to us "500" error.

  • ken

    12 Jan, 2023

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