Osclass Evo - new free classifieds script

A new free classifieds script will be available soon.

Many Osclass users already know: 

osclass.org site has stopped working a month ago.

We do not know the reasons.

But we know that over the last year, not even one update was issued.

Moreover, in 2018, the release been without new features and any significant changes.

The developers of the original Osclass stopped working with it.

Therefore, we decided to create a new version - Osclass Evo.

Osclass Evo free classifieds script
In Osclass EVO all current  Osclass errors will be fixed and  new features will be added.

The admin panel will get a convenient responsive theme.

We plan a lot of improvements.

Osclass EVO be compatible with plugins and themes for Osclass.

That is, you can upgrade to the new version, saving your themes and plugins.

Osclass Evo Official website: https://osclass-evo.com/

If you have ideas what should be added to the new version, please write them on the forum: https://forum.osclass-evo.com/


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